2 March, 2018

About our export department



At JUGUETRÓNICA, we are experts into robotic and electronic toys which provide altogether
an interesting educational factor and a huge entertainment dose. But, above all, we are, as
yourself, experts into toys retail selling and we know and share everyday problems and issues on
the sales point. But benefits are not just about our experience: by working with JUGUETRÓNICA,
you will enjoy the confidence of having our Sales Team completely available for any query
you may have, our Technical Service will suffice support for your customers needs and our
Dropshipping service, which includes direct shipping system for your customer and customized
delivery notes with your own data on them. One of our prior goals is that every service we
provide keeps growing along the future with the firm purpose to improve day by day the user
experience for you and your customers. Finally, we want you to know how much we appreciate
your reliance as showing interest in our products and trasmit to you our sincere commitment at
daily work on strengthening our relationship that today begins.

Daniel Bayón (CEO)







Our distribution goals are to expand our selling philosophy into new countries, developing the brand into new markets.

We offer the opportunity of ordering and producing large quantities of the products you are interested in, and we will develope the box and features. We will translate the product and instructions manual into any language you desire, and so the box.

Also, as we are developing our branding with a distinguishable style, with black coloured boxes. This way our products always stand out on the shelves of any store. We even offer the possibility of creating a space with our branding on it.

Our experience as distributors in Spain  back us up, and our daily conection to the costumer allow us to understand and evolve with them, always comming up with the lastest trends in toys market.






We offer to retailers the opportunity to have in their stores products already tested in the Spanish market, and we will help you to decide which of our products would fit their stores.

As we want to create common goal, the only MOQ we have for our EXW orders is ab outer box. This way you can test our products first and then go for the ones with the best results, taking less risks.

We also would give all possible advice from our experience as retailers in our store in Madrid, where we have daily contact with the costumer, helping us to understand their needs and always be trendy.



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