Mad Racers are not regular radiocontrolled cars. They are spectacular mini-cars with full speed madness movement. Each model has its own characteristic movements.
TRACKER wheels can spin freely, and its trick is to roll over on extreme movements. It also jumps obstacles and
turns in all directions. Furthermore, as top side and bottom side are similar, it does not matter hoy many times it rolls over itself, it always lands correctly. Tracker is an out of control and all-terrain RC car!

SNAKE change shape while moving. Its retractable structure automatically stretches and shrinks, allowing it to rotate on itself, move sideways and perform incredible pranks. Snake will allways surprise you!

SPINNER has two large wheels with full wheel drive, it has also small wheels that gives stability to its movement to make spectacular turns of 360º. Spinner can make circles on a single wheel like a
top spinning. The Spinner can’t be beaten!


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